Documents -written translation:

• Citizenship documents – diplomas, certificates, certificates, appendices, declarations, recommendations, attestations, CVs, etc .;
• Technical – specifications, features, operating instructions;
• Tender documentation – certificates of origin and quality;
• Legal – contracts, statutes, memoranda, notarial deeds, court decisions (divorce, adoption), protocols and others;
• Economic – Balances, Reports, Analyzes;
• Medical – medical diplomas, applications, academic references, certificates, curricula, certificates, scientific papers, epicrisises, TEMP decisions, immunization passports etc .;
• Materials in PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, PPT, TXT, JPEG, TIFF, JPG and other file formats;
• Advertising – brochures, menus, annotations, advertising texts;
• Translation of websites – after negotiation;
• Personal correspondence;
• Translation materials are distributed according to the translator’s qualifications and experience, or translated by a translator and consultant.


• Simultaneous translation is a translation at the moment of speaking. It requires the appropriate equipment – booths, microphones, headphones. The heavy workload and responsibility arising from indirect contact between the speaker and the translator impose that translation is done by a team of two translators. The price is determined per day for the team.
• Consecutive translation is on hold. If 5 minutes are spoken, 5 minutes must be provided for translation. It does not require any special technique. The price is set per hour for one or two translators, depending on the nature of the workshop.
• Accompanying is not a real translation, but rather assistance in making contacts, when shopping, traveling, accommodating aliens or other situations requiring knowledge of the environment and language. The price is set per hour for an interpreter.